Why….., why that three wasted ikemens can be in one picture and in the close position. I just….

There’s must be a several of fujoshi or fudanshi between IG staff that know KNB fandom really well.

The Three Unfortunate Ikemens
The Three Unfortunate Ikemens

Bless IG for making kise flirting with kuroko a lot on those ending song picture, especially the last one just too precious and so cute. It’s very rare kuroko having that kinda happy expression when he standing beside Kise sorry Kise. The grafitti concept in that paper must be really good.  Riko also have similar expression with Kuroko when she look at that tiny paper. And Kise suddenly have serious Ikemen expression while holding the can with mouth, akshdjfklafhk. It feel like kikuro doing personality switch lol. And the way they holding the same paper kyaaaa >.<. Bless that paper.

I love you IG.

I guess IG will turn the ED picture into minidrama in next seiyuu event like they do in season 1. The minidrama from first kurobas seiyuu event are full of kagakuro, kikuro, aokaga, and midotaka moment and really satisfy me. I can’t wait for the next seiyuu event. 

I hope there will be aomine flirting with kagami scene in next ED picture (^▽^)

Happy Valentine’s Days
Anoo , where did you watch this ? /post/71633320623 I want to watch too . hehe ~ Arigatou gozaimasu !

You can watch kurobas cup 2013 at violinic, coffeetasty and chrysama.

You also can download via mega or torrent (credit to rrm0)

He did it!

I watching gingitsune episode 6, and this line come out lol, it’s so funny because his seiyuu are the same with Kuroko. Yes Kuroko you can still grow taller.

Happy Kuroki Day 117 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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